Resolving Duplicate BSA IDs

I have been asking council to do this for me for over 6 months. My son is about to crossover and I will not be helping a lot with the Cubs anymore… and still, my other leader has two ids. If someone could combine 131995679 to the existing BSA id of 14004996 that would be amazing!!!
Last time I had tried to post on the board, Iguess the response was :slight_smile:

DonovanMcNeilScoutbook User Advisory Council

Dec '21

@StefanieAnderson I see the 2 Scoutbook Users but it does not totally add up - 14004996 has no leader registration in Longs Peak - that is the # that needs to be kept?
No, she lives here now, but they visit OK often, so her kids are part of both councils.

The thread you linked to ended with a question that was never answered. I believe they could have moved forward if you had. No?

Well now both have leader registrations - are both active? @StefanieAnderson

She only has signed in to 14004996 and the other one was created by my council.

@StefanieAnderson By “active”, what we are trying to determine is if the leader is still active in both councils or not.

If the leader is active in both councils, then it is sometimes better to not combine the Scoutbook accounts.

14004996 - Current registrations in Adventure West
131995679 - Expired registrations in Golden Spread