Resolving Duplicate BSA IDs

@Stephen_Hornak. Thank you. That’s not really the concern.

It is simply that the data is inconsistent, and will invite a great degree of scrutiny upon review.

I’m not sure why IA uses separate data than Scoutbook, but it is quite vexing.


What is the Date under Edit Profile - this is a manually entered date


“Edit Profile” in Scoutbook takes me to the internet advancement page which shows: “Date Joined Scouts BSA [10/01/2016].”

That is the correct date.

I’m not sure what AKELA is. Which database would AKELA use?


AKELA is the membership database - most councils simply go off the Eagle App - there is a verification automatic system they use to check date. This Eagle app should be fine

This scout needs to be switched to Eagle 2022 version in Scoutbook

@DonovanMcNeil, thank you for reviewing his profile.

Can I make the switch by clicking over the requirement version at the top, and then re-entering the requirements on the 20222 version? Or can I automatically convert the already entered requirements?


you can click to 2022 - I do not recall if all requirements flow over or not

@ThomasArmstrong - real world check… I looked at my son’s record and in the scoutbook membership section it has a 2017 date on the last change to position/patrol in the troop but on his Eagle rank app it has his date joined with the correct date just as you are seeing. The membership section in scoutbook is just a running list of “membership” changes and is not reflected anywhere else. Every time you move scouts around in patrols it will create an entry.

I don’t think councils typically look at Scoutbook memberships. They might look at registrations. This Scout’s registrations in a troop start on 10/01/2016, so he should be good.

If you want to update his memberships in Scoutbook to match, you can update them. They are all with the same unit (troop).

Have a scout that had incorrect information in Unit submitted paperwork and the Council fixed his demographic info. DOB is still correct in by still incorrect in Scoutbook.
BSA ID:14124540
Scoutbook ID: 12330749

@RussellPittman I have requested a sync to correct the Scout’s DOB in Scoutbook.

Hi @JenniferOlinger,

I have a parent with two MIDs. And his son with the same first and last name, which has caused confusion in the past.

  • Dad is trying to register online with MID 140701009. He has done YPT, but using MID 140701023. He can’t manage them because the names don’t match.
  • Son is registered with MID 12428164.

Please let me know what else I need to do to have this resolved.


@DougWright I have managed his BSA member numbers. He might need to wait overnight, but training should be copied onto the primary BSA number within 24 hours.

Hi @JenniferOlinger,

I have a parent, MID 12795622, registered in P190. She would like to multiple into T81 with her older son, MID 133284021. However, when she goes to My.Scouting > My Applications, Transfer / Multiple Applications, she sees her younger son, MID 12887909, where it should show her.

Just to complete the family, dad, MID 133284022, is registered in P190. Is his account okay?

Thanks for all the efforts to keep our folks scouting,


I’ll send you a private message. Click the green circle with white D in the upper corner of your forum window.