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Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger program

Does anyone know if we can go to state parks instead of national parks to fulfill the requirements for this patch? We don’t have too many national parks in the area, but we do have state parks that have junior ranger educational programs. I would like to work on this with my kiddos over the summer and was curious if anyone had any tips.

I thought that the Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger program was administered and awarded through the NPS (Scout Ranger Program - Youth Programs (U.S. National Park Service)), rather than through the BSA (similar to how the NPS/USFS Junior Ranger program is administered). I don’t see it under the list of awards at the BSA Awards Central page (Awards Central | Boy Scouts of America).

ETA: Clarified that the Junior Ranger program is administered through USFS/NPS, since what I wrote didn’t seem quite right on rereading it.)


This particular award is done through a memorandum of understanding between the BSA and the National Park Service:

Bryan on Scouting: BSA renews alliance with National Park Service

It isn’t listed at Awards Central, but it is listed here:
BSA Conservation Awards and Recognitions

It’s still administered through the NPS, though, right? It seems like the patches and “review” (even the informational link at the conservation awards site) are all by the NPS. The Bryan on Scouting article specifically notes that the NPS provides the recognition.

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@CharleyHamilton - that would correct as it is their program just like the resources for religious awards. External to BSA. And I think this answers your question @SassyBear.

I was tempted to do that with my son as we have the national parks passport book. The most unlikely one we have been to is Great Falls in Paterson, NJ.

@SassyBear - I think it also includes all NPS domain but the site will provide details.

Great thank you everyone that helps.

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It turns out that there are ways to earn this without visiting a park.

Using the link @CharleyHamilton provided, I discovered this 2/3ish down the NPS page:

Go to the Park and Have Fun

Once all the logistics are set up, go and have fun with the Scout Ranger Program! Please keep track of your time using the Activity Tracker Log Sheet and turn it to a Park Ranger to receive your certificate and/or patch. If your park does not have a volunteer program or is too far away to visit, work with the park volunteer coordinator on a project that meets the park needs. (italics added)

So, if the scout chooses a park that is too far for a visit this year, call and find out if that park has an option to earn this without visiting.

@DougWright - thank you. I thought there would be workable options. Also it is well worth looking on the site for NPS properties in your jurisdiction. Take New Jersey for example there are NPS locations that most would never hav ed thought of.

Good catch. My eyes glossed right over the “or too far away to visit” part. Seems a bit odd to me given the NPS administration of the program, but I can see that it would open up service on other lands (e.g. other federal lands like BLM, USFS, etc) that are not strictly within the NPS purview.

The US “kids” programs might be separate

Some land sites may have joint-agency programs but not all. Available programs appear to be site specific.

US Executive Branch 2021

A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies | A | USAGov extract:


BLM like BSA has outdoor Junior Ranger and Junior Explorer programs, activities and badges, but they appear to be limited to specific sites. I do not know if they have an agreement with BSA or not.

I know of one BSA district whose camporee was at a BLM site for decades with two service projects a year at the site run by the Order of the Arrow with advice from the district advancement chair. (Wildfire damage and Covid-19,and a council merger with more camps available has changed things this year.)


The 2021 current NPS Youth Programs page does list a BSA Scout “Park Ranger” program. They do have a Youth Conservation Corps for youth aged 15-18 years old listed.

Per the Junior Ranger books webpage (as of 15 June 2021):

Notice: Following local stay-at-home orders, staff supporting the Junior Ranger programs are teleworking, and we have temporarily suspended the mailing and processing of books and badges.

The activity booklets will remain available for download, along with a virtual badge you can award at home.


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