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Rethinking the Cub Scout Program

Matt, this is what we have done-we have one mom who leads both the W1 and the W2 Dens her sons are in and another that leads a Tiger den and W1 den her sons are in…we have a decent size pack of 50-ish and not enough leaders to go around…WHOLE DIFFERENT discussion board

Multiple den levels are super hard. It is how our girl dens are and it is not going as well as the boys. It is also hard to do this as our Pack is growing. We have gone from 34 boys two years ago to 51 scouts including 6 girls.Recruitment is key and have friends joining.

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I hear what your trying to say here. However the Den leaders leaders need to make sure the activities are age appropriate. Webelos don’t need to worry about what ranks below are doing. As Webelos we get to do activities they don’t like overnights and with troops.

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I don’t care what negative comments have come out of this discussion. This is simply genius! I love it. It’s what we need.

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19-20 Yearly Calendar.doc (173 KB)
19-20 Master Meeting Plan for Pack.docx (14.2 KB)
The Master Meeting Plan for Tigers has been changed from the initial plan because that leader had his own plan for the year so I just updated the main list so I’d know what everyone was working on.
Campout Sign In and Requirements.docx (24.4 KB)
The top part of this takes into account what the different levels need but then I also copied the requirements into the document so we’d have something handy at the event no matter the level.
2019 Pack Hike.docx (15.3 KB)
Another leader was going to coordinate the hike so I gave him a sheet with all the relevant “hiking” loop requirements and then in an email I gave him some options for overlap:
Some overlap possibilities:
Identifying different types of animals and their sign
Bears - 1. identify six signs that any mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, or plants are living near the place where you choose to hike or walk
Wolf - 6. Name two birds, two insects, and/or two other animals that live in your area. Explain how you identified them
Tiger - 3. Point out two different kinds of birds that live in your area. With your parent/guardian, other caring adult, or den, find out more about one of these birds.
Tiger - 3. While on the hike, find three different kinds of plants, animals, or signs that animals have been on the trail. List what you saw in your Tiger Handbook.
Lion - • Demonstrate an understanding of respect for animals and nature when participating in a learning hike.

Examine plants
Bears - 5. Use a magnifying glass to examine plants more closely. Describe what you saw through the magnifying glass that you could not see without it.
Tiger - 2. Take a 1-foot hike. Make a list of the living things you find on your 1-foot hike. Discuss these plants or animals with your parent/guardian, other caring adult, or your den.
Tiger - 5. Find two different trees and two different types of plants that grow in your area. Write their names in your Tiger Handbook.
Lion - • Demonstrate an understanding of respect for animals and nature when participating in a learning hike.

The actual hike will probably split by Den because of distance to cover (Bears/Wolves need a mile) and because less boys in one area might be best. At least split into k-1/2-3 for second bit maybe…


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