Roster Address Does Not Match IA

I just made slight changes to both adult leader street addresses and saved the changes to force a change. I will check tomorrow to see if SB was synced.

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There had been none prior to when I was instructed to do so about an hour ago. I just made a slight change to the addresses of both users in IA. (I updated Street name (from “Pl” to “Place” / “St” to “Street”) and clicked “Save”. I will respond back to this Topic post tomorrow with results of this experiment.

@AngeleBoudreaux Could you try removing the space after the street name (“Street”, “Place”, etc.)?

There is no space after the “Street” or the “Pl” in IA for either person. I clicked used arrow keys, etc, and there is nothing. I did notice that I had submitted the change from “Pl” to Place and my change was not saved although I received a message it was… so I updated that address again to “Place”. (with no space for sure)

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Both Adult leaders are already updated in Scoutbook. I do not need to wait 24 hours. So if this happens to other users or rosters are incorrect - the solution was to Edit the address in IA somewhat and click Save. That forced the sync back to Scoutbook.

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I’m having same issue with phone # as well. Correct in IA but old # in Scoutbook.

Did you try what worked for the person above your post?

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