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RSVP VS Troop roster

I have 2 Scouts that show up in the troops main roster, but when a event is created and RSVP is enable they don’t show up in that roster. The one scout even has a brother in the troop and he shows up in the invite

2 questions?
Are you sure the scouts are invited to the event?
Are the Scouts memberships approved (Green shield on membership page)?

Both scouts are approved (Green Shield)
And when I click who I want RSVP’s from (invited to) they don’t show

I don’t understand what you mean by “I click who I want RSVPs from”

I do have time for a screenshare right now if you want to try that

Sorry I meant when I click Invitees so I can select the persons invited to the events after setting that they didn’t show up.

Problem solved… it seems to be a fat finger problem and me not checking my work b4 i click submit

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Sorry about that. I need more mornings like nice and quite.:grinning: