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Running a Scout Training Report

I am looking to run a report in Scoutbook that shows all trainings that the scouts may have taken that were entered into Scoutbook. I used to be able to run this report, but I can not seem to find it anymore. Particularly, and easy way to see which scouts have taken NYLT. Any help would be great.

All training is recorded and reported in my.scouting.org > Training Manager. It used to be accessed in SB but rather than maintaining 2 identical systems it was all moved to my.scouting

If I am not a key three member or the Training chair for my Troop I would not be able to see that option. I only see these options

If your unit wants you to have access to it they will need to give you a functional role in Unit Security Manager - Like Key 3 Delegate

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Thank you for the information. I sent my CC a request for this.

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