Same e-mail address

Scouter currently registered with National Capital Area Council (BSA 82) 14548828

Scoutbook Account 12065482 linked to Quivira Council (BSA 198) 8845307 (former registration)

Can Scoutbook account be linked to new registration without losing training and Eagle award history?

@MaryAbe what log in do they want to use? the Click on Google to sign in - or their email as a username?

Click on Google, please.

This is fixed - Eagle History does not move

Thanks for the quick response.

Hi There,
I had an incoming (transferring) scout’s mom “invite” me to access her scout’s SB account (prior to transfer to my unit going thru) I recieved an invite to connect, which I did not do. Now I get the “Warning, another user is using the same email address…” when I log into my account. Thanks for your help. My Sb User ID is: 723696.

@DouglasLuckett_Sr that is fixed

Thank you very much!!

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