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Same email

How do I enter parent info for two scouts when the email is the same? It won’t let me add the parent email to the second scout and it won’t let me leave it blank. Thanks!

Hi, @KelliOwen,

Where are you trying to do this? Scoutbook? Online applications? There are different instructions for different places…

I think I just figured it out! Thank you!

Awesome! The best kind of problem… :wink:

Well maybe I spoke too soon lol. I entered the email address incorrectly the first time. I then added the second scout and added the correct email address for the parent. Now I can’t go back and fix the first one. Leave it to me!

OK, so that goes back to my first question. Are we talking about adding parents via Scoutbook?

@KelliOwen - is this what you were doing?

on the one with the wrong email - go to the scout > click the parent > then click edit profile > as long as they have not accepted you can change the email

@DonovanMcNeil, aren’t there already two accounts, though? Or is the account not created until the user accepts the invite? (As opposed to when the Create Account button is hit).

ETA: I would think that if there are two accounts already created, and you try to change the email to match in Account #1 to match #2, the system will throw an error.

Yes, there would be two accounts created.

For the 2nd Scout, she should have used the search bar to search for the existing parent instead of trying to create another one.

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