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Same Scout Listed Twice

Somehow I have 1 scout listed twice on scoutbook.
The one that has the A (linked to council) does not have the merit badge he has earned the other one does. But it does have is AOL from cub scouts. How can I combine them?

You have to send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org asking for the accounts to be merged

Do you still need to tell support which BSA ID to retain, or will they automatically maintain the BSA ID from the account that’s synching with the person database?

It is a good idea to tell support which one you want to keep (usually the one with the most history).

How an I supposed to tell them that? Can’t they see the one with the A? Its weird because the merit badges are put on the incorrect one. Scoutbook has been up and down all morning. Frustrated!

go to each Scout and look at the URL of the Scout Profile Page > in the URL you will see ScoutUserID= They need both of those numbers for fastest response. Say you want them merged and say the primary one is the one with the Sync symbol

Generally, when I have accounts I need merged by support, I send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the following information:

…for Scouts:
Name of scout (full name as listed on Scoutbook)
ScoutUserID (from the URL at the scout’s profile pages)
BSA ID (indicate which one should persist afterward)
Ask them to retain all advancements, awards and connections. If there are errors in profile data (e.g. address), I generally correct them before I ask for the merge.

…for adults:
Name of adult (full name as listed on Scoutbook)
AdultUserID (from the URL at the adult’s profile pages)
BSA ID (indicate which one should persist afterward)
Ask them to retain all positions and connections.

Invariably, there is cleanup to be done at the end because it’s hard to make sure that all of the data in the two profiles merges correctly (e.g. address, etc), and we once ended up with two positions in the same unit that I had to clear for a leader. That said, considering what a nightmare this could be, the process usually works quite well.

Do you know how long it takes to hear back from anyone?

I do not know the existing backlog. Though I know it was greater than normal.

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