SB Profile Disconnect

I am the assistant cubmaster in pack 3034 in Crossroads of the West. When I log into Scoutbook I can do the functions as a parent to my scout, but I can’t access info on any of the other scouts as assistant cubmaster. Scoutbook has me listed as Assistant Cubmaster, but next to my name it says “Pending” “This user has never logged into Scoutbook”, which is weird because I am logged into scoutbook when I see the message. This leads me to believe that my parent account and my assistant cubmaster account are not connected preventing me from getting appropriate access in scoutbook. My SB user ID is 9281405 and my BSA member ID is 12399389.

Thank you,


You were logging in under an Old MID - this is fixed now - that does not mean you are connected to Scouts - that is up to the unit to manage

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