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Scheduled event times differ on laptop and android phone

Within the past month, I have noticed that the event times scheduled on Scoutbook show up an hour behind when I look at them on Scoutbook on my phone versus when I look at them on Scoutbook on my laptop.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Also, it seems that every time Scoutbook runs a service update, I have to go back into all the calendar events already scheduled and either correct the times again, or the event has doubled on the calendar, and I have to delete the duplicate event. This is very time-consuming.

Help would be wonderful.

Thank you!

What timezone and state are you in?

Did you create the events using the login for den leaders or the regular login?

Regular login as I am the Cubmaster. I’ve always created events this way, and haven’t had an issue until recently.

We are in PA - Eastern Time Zone

Do you receive email reminders? Do those show the correct times?

Your phone is the incorrect one? Which browser are you using? Do you happen to have another browser to try on that same device?

Email reminders come thru with correct times. But if I log into Scoutbook using my phone to view the calendar, the times are an hour behind on all the events.

I use Chrome on both my phone and laptop.

Do you have a 2nd browser on your phone that you can try?

There’s a timezone setting somewhere on your phone. Could you send a screenshot of that?

I took the “set automatically” setting off of the time zone, re-selected the New York time zone, and restarted my phone.

At this point, it looks like it corrected the times in the calendar. I will keep an eye on them, and let you know if that seemed to fix the situation. Maybe taking it off automatic setting will do the trick.

Thanks for suggestion!

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I’m super surprised that worked, but it gives us a clue for others who are having similar issues. Thanks.

As a web developer I am not surprised at all by such. Browsers by standard change all times transmitted to “UTC”. This lets everyone deal with their own time zone. If you have times off on one device the first place to check is that it is in the “correct” time zone.

@KirkWood To be clear, I’m surprised that the automatically set TZ (in PA, nowhere near a TZ boundary) produced a different result than the manually set one. As you saw in the thread above, I definitely suggested checking the device TZ.

Hi, Cathleen. Where in Scoutbook did you find where to set the time zone? Thanks

@RobertChapman A unit admin can set it on the edit pack/troop/crew/ship page.

Actually, it was the time zone setting on my phone. For some reason when I switched it from "set automatically to “set manually”, and then did a restart, it seemed to change the times in Scoutbook.

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