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Scheduled Reminders not sending when the event created in DLE

I’m not sure if this is an accurate thing that is happening, but it seems like the events created when using the Den Leader Experience app aren’t sending the scheduled reminders. Typically once once sends it gets time stamped when it sent. The den meeting reminders aren’t time stamped when they should have already sent, ie a 7 day reminder the day before the event never sent. I’ve had multiple den leaders complain about this, and entire dens not show up because they never received notification of the meeting. I have had so many problems with DLE that I’m never using it again no matter how much they fix it. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m going to have to go in and manually recreate every meeting unless Scoutbook can figure this out.

<— created in DLE
<— created in DLE
image <—pack event entered manually

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