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Scout ability to add to Calendar?

Has anyone successfully set-up a dummy account that scouts can use to manage the troop calendar? I was successful at creating an account on Scoutbook (attached as a “other family member” to my son), using the troop’s email account. However, the new Scoutbook account does not have access to any troop information (even after I gave “view advancement” connection to all the scouts).

Does access to troop calendar require a my.scouting account? If so, seems like I’ve hit a dead-end.

Any help is appreciated!

Along with “View Profile” for all the Scouts, you also have to give the dummy account either the “Committee Secretary” or “Unit Outdoors/Activities Chair” position for it to update the calendar.

We set up a Troop_Webmaster account as the Committee Secretary and View Profile for all Scouts, and it works without a hitch.

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