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Scout account software

Looking into software for tracking scout account. Any suggestions?

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Scoutbook is probably the best option if you already use it even though it is a bit feature lite. If you don’t use it much in your troop, I recommend troop web host which is great all around not just for accounting.

@scouter11 The feature assistant extension can add some of the additional features that you may be expecting.

Yes I do really love the feature assistant but it would be much better if they were actually implemented into the software. The feature assistant does not always work well.

Yes, I agree that having it in native scoutbook would be better.

It does appear to be really lite on feature. Just basically a log. I’m not seeing any way to add in something like Paypal.

Instructions for setting up Paypal for use in the Scoutbook payment log can be found at PayPal Payment Utility - SB Unit Admin Guide (SB) | Scoutbook Knowledge Base


There is a way to add paypal but it has many bugs.

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