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I’m Scoutmaster and Admin for my Troop an I have a scout who crossed over last year. When I try to add merit-badges to his advancements Scoutbook keeps kicking me back to my unit page. I can edit his rank advancements but not add merit-badges. I’m thinking it has something to do with his connection with the Pack. Please Help

Make sure the scouts pack membership is ended in scoutbook

I will have the Cubmaster check.
Thank you

Paul - if you go to that scout, then membership, you should be able to put an end date on the active cub scout membership.

Actually, Scoutbook will not allow a leader in unit A to end a membership for a Scout in Unit B. This was done to prevent one unit from messing with the membership of another unit.

Ah… yes Ed. I was able to as an admin in both units. I should have noted that and thanks for the info.

Thank you. We did get it resolved. The Cubmaster went in and straightened it out.

Yes a single unit leader cannot - but important to Note that a Parent can - and I think a Scout themself