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i use the app to plan my meeting but i cant eit it or fix it bc what it says i doing i not doing that yet i not sure what to do

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Are you referring to the den leader experience that you get to via “login as den leader (beta)”? If so, you can edit the meeting dates.

I am trying to edit it but I went through my phone on the app part of it it won’t let me edit it will let me change it it won’t let me do anything it’s like it’s not gonna let me do anything I’m not sure what’s going on with it and the people that are in charge of the scout book and my pact that I’m going to she can’t even do anything to change it do I need a cow call the scout book contact number and talk to them about it or what do I need to do to fix it because it won’t let me do anything I will send a pic of what I’m talking about This is one talk what I can’t change a can’t added it I can’t do anything

Click on the one you want to change. Then, you should see edit in the middle of the page.

It wont let me I went and did it on the app part of it on my phone and I went on to the computer it still will not let me and go in and edit it but when I try to change what I want to do with it it blocked it out so I can’t do anything if I called scout book contact number do you think they can help me cause I can’t do anything and I need to change this before I meet

@nicolehines you cannot modify advancements for a DLE event - those are set in stone. You can change Date/Time

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Know what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to change delete everything that I did on the leaders part of it because I messed up and I needs a fix it because I can’t do anything I can’t change the time at kit change the day I can’t do nothing with it I need to set up another thing that I can just put we blows meeting cause I don’t have Pacific meetings what I’m doing yet and it’s already planned it out for me and that’s not what I’m doing I’ve change things around I need to fix it but my pack that I’m worth can’t go in and change it they said I have to but I won’t let me do nothing

Events created within the den leader experience can only be modified within the den leader experience. What happens when you click on one of the events you are showing in the screenshot above? Could you include a pic?

Here is one of the things I tried to go into in do but a wall at me and it will let me do anything and I don’t want the Bobcat badge up because I’m trying to completely reset everything because it’s not what I’m trying to do as 1 of the other people she’s a we blows to and I’ll she put on her meetings is we both meetings but it doesn’t say what they’re doing that’s what I want to do to mind I just want to say we blows and not say what the meeting’s about because the meaning that it saying that I’m doing is not what I’m doing

To clarify what was stated above, you need to log in using the “login as den leader (beta)” option. Click the event in there. Then you can edit the date and time of the event.

You cannot completely delete anything. The best workaround is to more it into the past or way into the future.

For reliability that when the series of meetings are completed, the Scouts obtain rank, and for standardization reasons, meetings created with the Den Leader Experience cannot be deleted, however the Den Leader who created them can move them to the past This is done by logging into the Den Leader Experience, opening the list of meetings, click on the meeting and click Edit.

Soon you will be able to click and drag the meetings to rearrange them.

The development team is also working on making the setup and moving of the meetings easier.

I would recommend watching the video here: :

I did and and it wont work I tryed

Please send a screenshot. That last one you sent was from the normal “login”. You were in the wrong place to be able to edit an event created by the den leader experience.

It wont let me do nothing


You need to go to and choose the “Login As Den Leader (Beta)” button.


I did that that one and when in and tryed to fix thing and it wont let me

I had to go into the scoutbook (the normal route, not the den leader route) and then go to my calendar. I changed the date for all of the events to a past date and then they disappeared from the calendar.

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This is what the Scoutbook Support told me. commented:

Meetings created with the Den Leader Experience app cannot be deleted, however the Den Leader who created them can move them into the past with the app. This is done by opening the list of meetings and click Edit Date.

Soon you will be able to hide them from the Scoutbook calendar.

More information may be found at:

Bill Nelson, Scoutbook User Advisory Council

The day this launched I went through and it created all the meetings on our den calendar. I just logged into the regular scoutbook to delete them since I already had my year’s den meetings on our calendars.

I played with trying to edit them or get my existing ones to show up in the den leader login, but there must be some flag behind the scenes designating it as the den leader ones.

I like the idea and direction they’re headed, especially for den leaders busier or less enthusiastic than me, but a canned program isn’t something I like. I enjoy planning the year and pacing it and relating the adventures to the pack program and events at the school, etc.

I also hope the intention is for the cubs to use it. It would be odd for adults to use an app that looks like it’s designed for kids with all the simplicity and illustrations.

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