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Question? Should scouts wear award patches on the back side of their saches ?I’v seen this before but don’t know if its correct. I know thtat they shouldn’t be sewn on the uniform, but does that include the sache. Just wondering.

According to the Guide to Awards & Insignia, merit badges may be worn front and back of the sash, but temporary patches may only be worn on the back.

What “awards” are you referring to?

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“Temporary patches may only be worn on the back of the sash.”

Guide to Awards and Insignia: Scouts BSA Insignia (page 35)

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I was refering to the tote and fire chits. Guidelines are confusing. guide to awards and insignia says on the back of the sash, advancement and awards { tote chit} says right pocket, nothing about the sash. Thats why I was asking.

Got it. The issue is that, despite the shape, these temporary patches aren’t meant to be worn on the pocket flap, thus the urge to make it clear they are temporary patches, and can be worn on the right pocket (not flap). The G2A only mentions you can wear temporary patches on the back of the sash in the section on merit badges. It’s more than a bit obscure in terms of placement, IMHO.

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The Totin’ Chip or the Firem’n Chit can be worn “as a temporary patch on right pocket; not to be worn on pocket flap.”

As they are considered a “temporary patch”, they can also be worn on the back of the merit badge sash, if the Scout opts to do so.

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