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Scout book access

I have a scout who’s parents say they cannot access anything in Scout book nor receive group email sent though scout book. How can I help them?

It kinda depends on exactly what the underlying problem is. Are you a unit admin in the pack? If so, you should be able to go into the pack roster from My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster, then scroll down to the scouts’ names. See if the parents who aren’t getting messages are connected to the scouts, and what email address is listed for them. Depending on what you find, the methods for resolution might vary.

ETA: It’s also possible that the parents haven’t yet connected to their accounts, but from what you wrote, it kinda seems like they’re connected, but aren’t seeing what they expect to see. Some screenshots from the parents of what they are seeing might help with diagnosis down the line.

Anther check, if you are a Scoutbook unit admin: go to My Dashboard > Messages >Send Message. This will display the unit leaders w/ their positions, parents/guardians w/ their scout connections, and scouts that have accepted an invitation to log in. If a parent display does not show the proper scout, then the connection needs to be fixed (see next paragraph). If the parent has too many scouts (typically a scout twice), this too needs fixed - the scout has two accounts.

Sometimes the parent connection, which used to work, becomes corrupted. Go to the scout’s account and click on the parent’s name; this will display the connection for the parent to the scout. Without changing anything, click update. Then check the messaging display to see if the connection has been restored.

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Thanks for this information. I have now tried all of this.
Let say they have not set up an account at all. It’s been so long for me, I cannot reminder the steps to take? How does it work, as in how do you get a user name and password started?

Things have changed quite a bit since Scoutbook started. In principle, councils are creating accounts for youth and adults as they are registered. If an adult or youth already has an account (e.g. transferring from another council or unit), they are supposed to link the new BSA ID (if one is needed) to the existing account. This depends on a lot of things matching up.

What did you actually see when you ran through what @DougWright and I suggested? Are the parents connected to the scouts? Have the parents connected to their own accounts? Is the email a valid one, or something along the lines of “changeyouremail”? The best way for us to help out kinda depends on where you already are.

The connection might be in ‘junk’ email folder.

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There is a possibly different issue I have seen pop up and and working on sorting out for a few people, which is duplicate accounts and a flip on what accounts are tied to the single sign on.

The first step is having the user go into Scoutbook, My Account, and Edit Profile, then scroll down and record the BSA ID and verify the Council and District info is correct (update if needed).

The next step is a Scoutbook Admin checking the same info on the account and making sure he ID matches, if not the accounts will need to be merged which will need to go through Council.

Another possible issue is the Scout not being approved or being expired (which can happen from duplicate accounts as well). Check that they are in the unit and the right sub group (Den if it is a Pack) with the green check mark.

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