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Scout book app won't let me log in

I can’t log into the scout book app. I can log in on my laptop, but when I enter my my.scouting info in the app it tells me I need to be a parent to use the app. I am a parent! I’m o my 3rd son in scouting and am also committee chair. Why can’t I get in?

H, @MeganZurline,

The app it’s intended just for scouts and parents, not for those of us who are either leaders, or leaders and parents. I don’t know if it’s new that the app isn’t allowing looking with the my.scouting credentials, though. Honestly, I just use the web interface, since the app only allows non-leader-level interactions (e.g. no approvals)

@MeganZurline - here is something that you can try… Log into scoutbook then on your scout go to connections then find your name then click on it and if the parent and adult leader are selected, click update. Then try the scouting app again. I know I am able to log in with my MYST credentials.

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When you check your connection to your Scouts, if Parent/Guardian is not checked, you will not be able to use the Scouting app. If it is unchecked, and Scoutbook will not let you check it, ask a unit admin (2 keys on the unit roster) to add Parent/Guardian to your connection.

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Myself and other parents (and leaders) find the app to be frustrating and just log in using the web browser on our mobile device. It’s easier for us to access things that way. It would be nice if it worked as we’d like, but perhaps some day. Sounds like there are some useful tips provided by others though. I’ll have to keep those in mind.

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