Scout disappeared from Scoutbook and Roster

We have a scout who has inexplicably disappeared from both Scoutbook and our Roster in my.scouting

MID 13967247

He should be in Sam Houston Area Council 576, East Division SA08, Flaming Arrow 88, Troop 0009, First United Methodist Church Humble

Please advise.


@DavidCollison not sure if it is the UMC charter - but the scout is not registered - was the Scout on the recharter?

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Yes I confirmed with the Committee Chair that the scout was on the recharter.

@DavidCollison talk to council is first step I think

Thanks. I just talked to Committee Chair again, and it appears he was somehow omitted from recharter after all. So definitely a PEBCAK error rather than a Scoutbook issue. :wink:

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