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Scout earns all merit badges

What is the proper recognition for a Scout who has earned all of the merit badges? To me, this is a pretty exclusive club. I am aware that there is a listing, and I know a few on the list. I am aware that there have been proposals for a knot award, however the position of BSA has not been communicated to my knowledge. Also, do any Troops have special activities or recognition at their level or at the council level.

We recognized the Scout at a Court of Honor. The Council arranged for local news coverage including TV.


It seems like National BSA does not see this as an award in its own right. I guess 136 (?) awards are enough! A big CoH would be appropriate. Also a big sash. There seem to be a few different methods of making a sash large enough to hold them all. I like the 4 across mods.

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Indefinably special honorable at the next court of honor, possible a cake (everyone loves a cake).
Depending on their age it’s worth mentioning the number of potential Eagle palms they would be eligible. Hmm, maybe a cake with “Palm” trees on it?

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Adding to what somebody else mentioned, during the next Court of Honor, it could be mentioned that “this would be the last time he/she would be receiving a MB as they have earned all of them - good job”.

We just celebrated a scout earning all the merit badges! Including mention and celebration at Court of Honor, we wrote an article in a local paper and invited local politicians to attend. Additionally, the scoutmasters gifted the scout a Leatherman tool inscribed with his name, date, and troop number. Now EVERY scout wants to do all the merit badges!

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