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Scout has advancement go to Crew

I have a youth that has both his BSA advancement and Crew advancement in scout book.
when I go to add a new merit badge to him, even though I go in under troop, as soon as I click add merit badge, it automatically goes to crew like I’m going to enter the MB under crew. It then doesn’t allow me to do the leader approval for the requirements. I do see the record under troop as well but after I approve each requirement for leader, it backs to the crew record. I have to get out, go into troop again and then approve the next record.

So on the scout profile page is troop the dark one here? That means troop is selected

@DonovanMcNeil - that image has the ship selected… just an FYI. But I would also make sure the scouts BSA advancement toggle is set.

Yes I know Ship is selected but it was an image I already had :stuck_out_tongue:

@DonovanMcNeil - understood… :wink:

You can set the default unit to display in Scoutbook as well. Go to the Scout’s Membership page, click the membership you want to be default and turn the Default Unit slider on (right and red). The default unit will show a person icon image

Note the default must be set on every browser you access Scoutbook from as it uses a cookie to set the default unit. This allows leaders from different units to set different defaults.

yes troop is select

I approve a req

hit save, it saves but the top bar puts me into his crew record then


have to exit out and go back into as troop to do the next record.


You need to set the default unit as I described above to make sure you go back to your desired unit.

ok, did this. but when I save a requirement, still backs out and puts me into the crew record.

Thanks. I’ll try to repro and let the developers know.

@EdwardFleeson - could you post the screen shot of the default unit settings in membership for that scout ?

And it might be a log out / log in then it is fixed

nope, did this no go

ok. i also logged a ticket with support

Can you post the SSD number when you receive the automatic reply? That way SUAC can coordinate the info they have here with the right support ticket. It will be in the subject line of one of the auto replies.

here it is. somehow i got two tickets. I did the first one and then I got an email that I needed to log into my account. I thought this meant I needed to create again.
they are SSD-103128 and SSD-103129

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