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Scout link just disappeared

I have a scout that is about to age out on 11/10, and is trying to finish his requirements for his Eagle rank. He completed his SM conference last night and now all of a sudden,

I just sent an email to council any other assistance would be grateful.

is his BSA # still in profile?

Nope, And I can’t enter it as it tells me it belongs to another scout.

@JeremyBurg do you have a minute for a Screenshare if I set one ??

and was it SM conference or EBOR?

It was a SM conference. I am the Advancement Chair

We can do the screen share if you like

ok I will DM you - watch top right corner and you J avatar

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil.

@DonovanMcNeil, Thank you for your help. It has all been updated on the back end and I am letting the Scout know he can complete what he needs.

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