Scout listed as parent and leader

My son is now showing up as me. He is now a parent to his brother and himself. His name shows up as approving, recording and awarding rank and merit badges for himself and his brother. This is new as I have not been an Advancement Chair in over two years.

Who do I contact to make it correct? His brother is getting ready for his Eagle Application and it look more than strange to have his younger brother’s name on his information.

@AmoretteAitken what is the BSA # of the Scout?

Donovan, it is: 136679992

Donovan, can you please send me you direct email as I don’t want to put any more personal information on this forum.

I do not see what you are reporting - I think it is your husbands nickname perhaps or sons. There are tons of instances of you husband or you approving things. But none of your son self-approving or approving for the other scout

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