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Scout missing after Recharter

I have a scout who is a couple of weeks away from the end of her 24 month Eagle time period. I rechartered her, but when the recharter just took effect yesterday, she went missing from scoutbook AND My.scouting. she is just gone! She needs her advancement record to submit her Eagle application and now she is missing. Please help!

Please post the Scout’s BSA member number. If you don’t know it, I can send you a private message for more information.

Is she over 18? I believe that scouts who are over 18 need to be registered as a Unit Participant. One of ours was told he had to take YPT as well, which doesn’t sound inconsistent with the tenor of BSA youth protection policies. That could have bumped her.

So I ran a Change Report and it shows her as DROPPED.
Her BSA ID is 136243016

She does not have a current registration. Please contact your local council for assistance.

So I finally got through. It turns out she is missing her Adult Application and YPT status, so they chose to re-charter without her. I have to update those and she will be put back in.


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