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Scout multiple in different Councils

I am expecting a youth to join my Troop in June. He will be new to scouting. Once school starts up in the fall, the family will be moving to another Council. Next summer, they will be back with me and repeat ad infinitum. It is a job thing for one of the parents.

My Troop uses Scoutbook, and I plan on tracking him with it. What if the other Troop doesn’t? What should I tell him and the parents to expect when they move? What is likely to be the best option for the situation?

I expect that transferring the scout and volunteers between Councils a couple times per year will result in problems and is a hassle. How would the Council fees be addressed?

What complications would one expect with the youth being a multiple in Troops across Councils? What would be the policy for Council fees?

Is there another option that is better? I’ve thought of other ideas, but not sure if they would be viable.

The folks from SUAC might have a better idea how to execute this, but here’s my two cents.

Honestly, I wouldn’t transfer the scout back and forth. I would register the scout once in your council, then double-register him in the second council indicating that he is already registered in your council (and therefore doesn’t need to pay the national BSA registration fee again). He may need to pay a council fee (and any unit dues) in the second council, presuming they exist.

He will get a second BSA ID from the other council (since councils don’t have overlapping BSA ID ranges), and his parents will want to connect to that other Scoutbook account, as well, since that account will likely be associated with the other unit, even if the other unit doesn’t use it. If the parent(s) have an existing BSA ID (e.g. registered leaders, past leaders, taken YPT, etc), include that info on the youth application somewhere so the registrar can find the existing account and link it properly. Make sure that the parents use the same name, address and email information as they have for their existing account, so that Scoutbook doesn’t end up creating a new account for them. That might create some issues if the council is mailing information to them/the scout, though. The other council’s registrar might be able to provide some guidance on how they want to handle that.

I don’t think that Scoutbook is smart enough (yet?) to allow advancements from one “identity” to migrate into the other, so I would probably have the parents send me screenshots or an individual advancement report on a regular basis over the summer so that I could update the scout’s “primary” record to keep it synchronized. I would recommend that the scout not use multiple handbooks, and get all signatures from the other troop in the same handbook. That makes it easier to track everything later, if necessary. Ideally, one day, all of this shenanigans will be obsolete and the BSA will have a single set of national BSA IDs for individuals. I assume that will be one of the “big fixes” once ScoutNet gets replaced with whatever the new software will be called.

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There is another way to do this, if the both units use Scoutbook.

The scout is going to register in your council, C1, in your unit, U1. Later this year he will transfer to another council, C2, and into another unit, U2. The Scoutbook account should be transferred from U1 to U2, and the address updated, before the official transfer happens. If the paper transfer application details match the scout’s name, birthday, and zip code, then the system will update the BSA Member ID and Voila! The scout’s records have moved from C1 to C2 without manual data entry. Don’t forget to have the parents update their contact info for their C2 residence.

Next summer, the reverse of this process does not need to be done, due to a quirk of Scoutbook. Until this changes, a scout has 90 days to sync on a unit’s roster before they will be auto-ended by Scoutbook for not being sync’d. When the family moves back to C1, a parent can go to the scout’s membership tab and add a new membership in U1 (don’t forget to put the scout in the proper patrol). No need to end the U2 membership. Don’t forget to update the adult and youth contact info for the C1 residence.

The U1 leadership will need to approve the U1 membership. The scout will then be like any other scout in the unit. I think, because the scout is still sync’d to the U2 unit, U1 leaders will be able to leader approve his progress toward advancement.

At the end of the season, when the scout moves back to C2, a parent can end the membership in U1, and update the family’s contact info for their C2 residence.

Multiple Council Registration and Advancement Recordkeeping

I not know if this is implemented or not for Scouts.

Scouts, Scouters, and parents should be able to register with troops in different councils at the same time all year and choose one troop as the primary troop where the advancement records are kept.

Tools should allow this for military families and other families that have different repeating homes during the year.

I was hoping there would be someone who had already experienced this and could tell of such.

Is there any reason why the scout couldn’t be left as a multiple as soon as they joined U2?

The council I am in has reasonable annual fees. I don’t know about the other council. How would the council fee situation work out? Pay just the council fees where the primary unit is, or prorata of each council, and who figures it out?

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