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Scout no longer synced in Scoutbook

When I moved my Scout into a different Patrol, she stopped syncing. I can see her in Scoutbook, but when I go to Internet Advancement she is showing as not sync. I haven’t been able to get my District to help.

It may seem like a silly question, but what was the process used to move the scout to a new patrol? When you say showing as “not sync” in IA, does the scout still show as synchronized in Scoutbook? There has recently been an issue (of which I don’t know the details) that is erroneously showing some scouts in IA as not synchronized.

Go to the Scout’s Membership screen, click on the Scout’s current membership with the patrol, check the box next to “Position Approved”, and click Update. This should re-sync the Scout.

Did you use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button on the patrol page or did you use some other method to move the Scout to the new patrol?

That worked!

I had not clicked position approved.

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