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Scout Not Showing In Scoutbook

I have a Scout who is not showing in Scoutbook. I’ve had missing scout’s before however this particular situation is unique. Details are:

This is a new scout, added in November 2020

Parent/connection confirmed account in November 2020

Scout is missing from Den and Pack roster

Parent/connection continues to receive den specific emails (despite not being a listed connection with any of the den scouts)

I am the admin for our Pack Scoutbook page and I’m unable to determine exactly how this is happening. Any suggestions?

When you say den specific emails, do you mean something that the DL went into messages to compose or a scheduled reminder from the calendar? Of that latter, that’s not a huge surprise because scoutbook doesn’t automatically remove former scouts from the invitee list.

How did the scout join in Nov? Paper app or online? Were they on your recharter? I’d suggest a key 3 check your member manager roster in my.scouting for the scout.

I can assist. I sent you a direct message. Click on your icon in the upper right and then the envelope

Bill Nelson, Scoutbook User Advisory Council

Thanks Bill…email sent!

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