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Scout not showing in Send Messages, but has SB access

When I go to Send Messages, I’m not seeing my Scout as an option, however, I know she has set up her account and accepted the invite. I can’t find anything in her record that looks off to me, she’s in all the troop data, reports, etc. She did have to set up a my.scouting account last summer to register for NYLT – could that be part of the problem and how would I check?

she might have made a second BSA # when she did that - council can check

She should be able to view her own BSA ID when she logs into my.scouting. Compare that BSA ID to the one in her Scoutbook account that you can see as a first pass. That might immediately tell you there’s a duplicate. We had that happen with a parent who listed his name one way with email address 1 on his scout’s application then created an account at my.scouting with his legal name and email address 2.

It’s still worth verifying with council that they only see one account for your scout, even if the BSA ID’s from my.scouting and Scoutbook appear to match.

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