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Scout not synced,

I have a scout that when I went to add an advancement i got a box that said he is not matched with a scout in my pack and to contact coucil. I did and the council says that he is in my pack. His scout id box is grayed out with no number and when we add his number it says this is a duplicate scout. I also get a box that says he is he needs to be set up with advancement sync and that any of the key three can do this . I am one of those and I have no clue what to do. Help

Have admin go to Scout’s membership > unclick approve > Save > then reapprove - that should solve it and you will see the green shield and the sync icon

@JULEEROSE Are you able to add the Scout’s BSA member number? Or do you just get an error message?

Nope I get there is a scout with this number message

Will send you a direct message to help - look at top right avatar to find it

the other option is to use the Transfer In button at bottom of Unit Roster - what you have is a fake account for the scout not the scouts real account. You could transfer in the other one and then redo any advancements, then end the membership on the first account with no BSA #

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@JULEEROSE First, have a Pack Admin go to:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Connections

It’s possible that you might find the Scout’s other account there (the one with the BSA number). If you find it there, click on it, then click on the Scout’s Membership, and Add a membership with your pack and in the correct den.

If you do not find the other account there under My Connections, then go to your Pack Roster page, and use the “Transfer In Scout” button at the bottom of the list of Scouts.

I am having the same problem. My scout continually disappears and when I add him he isn’t synced with Advancement anymore. I have spoken to our District Director (who happens to be in our pack) and she has assured me that he is in our pack and we have the right BSA number.

I have tried all the tips you mentioned above and I still get the error message that I need to contact my council. This has been an ongoing problem for months and I have never been able to get anyone from ScoutBook to contact me or help me on this no matter how many times I emailed.

Thank you…

@LeilaniAnderson I can take a look at it if you want - want me to send you a direct message?

How can I send you a direct message?

i sent you one click avatar in top right corner - the Green “L”

How do I get in touch with you?

If you log in to the Scoutbook Discourse forums (discussions.scouting.org), in the top right corner you’ll see an icon of your avatar (in this case an L in a green circle). Click on that and look for the direct message @DonovanMcNeil sent you. You can reply to that and it acts as a private message between the two of you.

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