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Scout Oath and Law Training for Adult Volunteers

This topic is about the Scout Oath and Law and Scouter Code of Conduct and how we train and remind Scouters about them.

In traditional Scouting programs we are excepted to know and recite the Scout Oath and the short form of the Scout Law frequently. How and how often do we review the meaning of the Scout Law?

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Scout Oath and Law References

  1. The Cub Scout long version of the Scout Law can be found at:

  2. “What Jimmy Stewart said about the Scout Oath”, Scouting magazine blog article, 2017,

  3. A pocket card, Item 622520, with the Boy Scouts of America’s Scout Oath, Law (short form), Slogan and Motto, is available for purchase from the BSA Scout Shop:

  4. A short history of the Scout Promise (Oath) may be found at:

  5. The 1908 Scout Law and tenth point added in 1911 may be found at:

  6. About the BSA - “BSA at a Glance”:

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Character Development Enhancement

Cub Scout Leader Book, 33221, © 2018 Boy Scouts of America, 2018 printing, Appendix, Cub Scouting Resources, Unit Leadership Enhancements, pp. 155ff, includes the following:

Unit Leadership Enhancements

Unit Leadership Enhancements are short training topics intended to help better equip pack leaders to conduct a quality Cub Scout program. They 're designed designed to foster discussion among leaders and re-familiarize them with the Leader Book and other BSA resources. They complement, but don’t replace, other training courses.

The Character Development discussion includes

  • Name the 12 points of the Scout Law, and discuss how they can be emphasized in the program.

For full exercise see Character Development on pages 156-157 of the Leader Book.

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I recently did a major upgrade of Wikipedia’s article on the Scout Motto. See

Since many have asked the question, “Be Prepared for what?” the article now shows several quotes from the original six Scouting for Boys pamphlets that point out the things for which B-P thought Scouts ought to be prepared along with things B-P believed Scouts ought to be able to do.

The list of quotes is not intended to be complete but rather illustrative.

The article also mentions a second or alternative Scout Motto mentioned in those original six pamphlets.


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It seems to me that back in the 1980’s, the Scout Handbook spoke to that very issue – the story as I recall was that someone asked B-P what to be prepared for, and he answered “For any old thing.”

My memory may be fuzzy, but there it is… might be worth some research.

…Then I do some of my own research and find this:


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