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Scout Parent connection to Scoutbook

I am trying to help a scout parent login to Scoutbook.com.

So this is what I learned tonight. The scout parent and I tried to log into Scoutbook.com by selecting, I forgot my password, after receiving the temp password and entering it in correctly we got the error message saying ether user name and or password is incorrect. So it must be the user name. How do we reset the user name?
I cannot confirm that the parent has ever logged into scout book.

@DavidSaunders1 - I would think that if the user received the password to their email account then the login would follow that it is %username%@%domain.%.

What do you mean by this %username%@%domain.%.?
Since I seen and confirmed the temp password being entered then I guess it’s the Username that she has got I correct. But I don’t know how to get that part reset

is she using an email address to sign in? then use that

@DavidSaunders1 - what I mean is joeinternet@gmail.com, comcast.net, you name the internet or email provider.

have them log into myscouting.org then use that lost password after loging in then go log in to scoutbook with the same user name as myscouting

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With her, we tried her full email address and then tried the same but with out the @yahoo.com. But no luck.
If she can get into Mysouting.org, are you saying there is a lost Password option?

What’s your role in the unit? If you are a unit admin or one of the unit Key 3, you may be able to look a bit deeper for diagnostic information.

I’m assuming that the email address you’ve been trying is the same as what’s on the new scout application from when the scout joined your unit.
Can you see the parent in the scout’s connections? If so, what is the email address listed there. It would look like this:

That email address should be the username of the account connected to the scout (and should be where the parent received the “forgot password” email). Take a look at the parent’s profile under “Edit Profile” (same screenshot as the email listing) for their BSA ID. That might help with making sure you have the right account.

Also, in the URL browser of that parent’s “Edit Profile” screen, there will be a segment that starts with AdultUserID (different from the BSA ID). You may want that number, since it is the parent’s account database index (of sorts) in the Scoutbook database. It’s often helpful in resolving issues with accounts to be able to identify the specific account, in case there are multiple accounts with the same (or similar) names.

I am Cub Master and Den Leader.
Yes it is the same email address in Scoutbook and the parent is connected because it has a choose for Edit Connected Adult.
I don’t have the original application. It’s been 2 years for this scout and I was not the Cub Master then.
Is it not possible to just start over with scout book for this parent? As in entry of new user name and password?

Is the little chain link icon next to the parent’s name shown as a broken link or a completed link?

If the chain link is broken, try sending another invite to the parent to connect.

Generally not, since their BSA ID is associated with their account. I assume you did find a BSA ID in the parent’s account when you looked at it? Have they been able to log in to my.scouting using their email address?

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