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Is there a list of or has anyone put together a list of all the merit badges and awards, that require a scout to “make a presentation” to or “teach” his/her troop/patrol something?

A list of the MB or award and that specific requirement would be so helpful right now. That would be the perfect thing for scouts to do via zoom.

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I don’t have a list, but we may as well start one.

  1. Cyber Chip (Scout #6, Star #6), requires teaching other scouts.
  2. Tenderfoot #8 uses the EDGE method to teach scouts to tie a square knot.
  3. Life #6 has a variety of options for what to teach using the EDGE method.

ETA:. There are also a lot of “demonstrate” requirements at every rank that could easily be used by the scout to “teach”.


Crime Prevention 5. Teach your family or patrol members how to protect themselves from crime at
home, at school, in your community, and while traveling.
Chess 3. Demonstrate to your counselor that you know each of the following. Then, using Scouting’s Teaching EDGE*, teach someone (preferably another Scout) who does not know how to play chess:
a. The name of each chess piece
b. How to set up a chessboard
c. How each chess piece moves, including castling and en passant captures
Orienteering 10. Teach orienteering techniques to your patrol, troop, or crew.
Plant Science 8 Option 3 F(1)(d) Lead a walk to teach others about trees and their value, OR write and distribute materials that will help others learn about trees.
American Cultures 1.d. Learn a song, dance, poem, or story that is traditional to one group, and teach it to a group of your friends
Indian Lore 4.a. Learn three games played by a group or tribe. Teach and lead one game with a Scout group.
Emergency Preparedness 2.c Meet with and teach your family how to get or build a kit, make a plan, and be informed for the situations on the chart you created for requirement 2b.
Communication 6. With your counselor’s approval, develop a plan to teach a skill or inform someone about something. Prepare teaching aids for your plan. Carry out your plan. With your counselor, determine whether the person has learned what you intended.
BSA Complete Angler Award. Teach a Fishing or Fly Fishing merit badge skill to your troop, crew,
or team as part of a unit program activity
Scouting Heritage 7. Reproduce the equipment for an old-time Scouting game such as those played at Brownsea Island. You may find one on your own (with your counselor’s approval), or pick one from the Scouting Heritage merit badge pamphlet. Teach and play the game with other Scouts.
First Aid 14. Teach another Scout a first-aid skill selected by your counselor.

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Citizenship in the Community 8. Develop a public presentation (such as a video, slide show, speech, digital presentation, or photo exhibit) about important and unique aspects of your community. Include information about the history, cultures, and ethnic groups of your community; its best features and popular places where people gather; and the challenges it faces. Stage your presentation in front of your merit badge counselor or a group, such as your patrol or a class at school.


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