Scout profile giving an error

We have a parent inviting scout for scoutbook but the scout’s profile seem to throw up an error while looking up his profile (to get his email info).
Scout BSA : 135461059
Interestingly, the parent’s profile also seem to have issues since he is unable to look up MB counselor list. Parent BSA: 135461060
Thank you for your assistance…


Only registered leaders can search for Merit Badge Counselors. This parent is not a registered leader, thus cannot search for MBCs. The process per the Guide to Advancement is the Scout is to have a discussion with the Scoutmaster to get the contact information of one or more MBCs.

There was an e-mail address in the Scout’s Scoutbook account but the Scout was never invited. I have removed the e-mail address so the parent can try inviting the Scout again.


Thank you @edavignon for the quick response. That helps clarify.

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