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Scout profile IA vs SB, need to sync

I have not been able to enter advancements in Internet Advancement for a Youth. He is listed…entering awards is denied, not even an option. I contacted our Council (Council #1) and they verified that he is a registered youth here but they cannot help me…contact Scout Book. Left a ticket, it’s been a couple of month.

Just peeked into Scoutbook (I don’t use Scoutbook, I enter in Internet Advancement) and I do see this Youth listed twice in my roster. When I scroll to the bottom of his first profile, Council #2 is listed. When I scroll to the bottom of his second profile, Council #3 is listed. BUT when I click on his membership in BOTH his Councils ( #2 & #3), it states that his current membership is with our Council with Council 2 & 3 as his past Councils, both with end dates.

Please advise. Thank you!

Dual registered are troublesome in IA - what is the BSA # of the Scout and I will report it - include the council numbers if you can

This is my first time here. Please accept my apology if I appear rude. I see that you are a moderator. Do I just message you? Where is the message button? Thank you.

Will BSA # and council # is safe info - if you want I can send you a direct message to send the data - you can find it in the Top Avatar on the right side of screen

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