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Scout Rank Cyber Chip

When Webelo 2s crossover to BSA Troop and they completed their Arrow of Light. What is the best way to handle their cyber chip? They need to complete it for the grade they are already in for Scout Rank, and they are still in 5th grade when they crossover, for a couple of months before school is out. Should we say they completed it, or wait till they are in 6th grade so we can award the cyber chip to them.

Hi, @HaroldPayton_II,

There’s a reference here discussing it.

First, I honestly think that the requirement is poorly written. If the Cyber Chip is “good” for 12 months, then it should count for the requirement. Having said that, Guide To Advancement says that work done in Cub Scouts doesn’t meet requirements for Scouts BSA. And we run into a similar issue when a scout completes First Class. Work before FC doesn’t count (except merit badges). So be the letter a scout who completed Cyber Chip the day before becoming a scout (or First Class) must now earn it again.

The fortunate part is that you can easily send a scout through the “recharge” and earn it again. In the case of a new AOL crossed over this means reading a short story. In my troop I am fortunate enough to be able to have a scout use an older device and easily do this.

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@KirkWood, I completely agree with you. It’s as if the timing of the age groups are slightly off.

@HaroldPayton_II, how does the SM want to handle it?

Below is the official BSA guidance on Scout rank and the Cyber Chip requirement:

It is from the March/April 2016 Advancement News

I am the SM, and we are a new troop. We are a year old and was trying to figure out how to handle it. Last year, we had all the boys that crossed over do it in the fall. Was trying to figure out how to handle the new group, since this is our second year in existence. Our leaders had some debate on it, and was trying to figure out the best way to handle it. But, I was leaning toward having them do it again, since school is almost out for the year. Thanks for all the advice.

Thank you. While I read the newsletters as they come out, sometimes it is hard to recall all the bits of information. :slight_smile: