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Scout Registered in 2 Packs Can't Be Removed

We have a Cub Scout registered in both Pack 36 and our Pack 30. Member ID 137482344 and his Tiger Partner Member ID 137482345. I’ve tried ending his membership in our pack but the boy and partner reappear on our (pack 30) Scoutbook page and my.scouting roster. In speaking with the Council register she doesn’t know what to do to remove him from Pack 30 and keep him in Pack 36. Thanks for your help.


Because the Scout has current registrations in both Pack 36 and Pack 30, he will continue to come back into Pack 30 whenever his record is touched in ScoutNET or Akela.

If the Scout has left Pack 30, the registrar can end his membership in ScoutNET. Since he is currently dual registered until 12/31/21, ending his Pack 30 membership early will not cause issues.

He was never a member of Pack 30 the registrar mistaking entered him in Pack 30 then corrected it to Pack 36.

He is registered in Pack 30 through 12/31/21. The registrar can correct this error via ScoutNET.

We have a Scout that was previously listed User Id #12215883 BSA #137521627. When his parent User ID #12224229 connected to his account the Scouts BSA #137521627 was assigned to the parent and the Scout is now listed no match on Unit Roster.

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