Scout registered twice

Hi I have a situation where a scout parent, after he registered his son and his son was in the system, he went ahead again and registered him online. Now the scout is in the system twice. Can the sys admin please delete one of the records and refund the parent his money? The parent did the Online registration On Friday Nov 11.

The two IDs of the scout are (14664256, 14776328)
Council: Sam Houston

My Name: Nidal Zeidat
my MID: 113877222

Is this the right place where I can get this issue resolved?

*1) Hardware: Desktop
*2) Operating system: Windows
*3) Browser: Chrome


This looks like a case where you may have to go to your council registrar to fix the issue. There also may be a refund due.

I did flip his member ID in SB back to the active registration, so he should be OK in Scoutbook/IA, but I still recommend you talk with your registrar on Monday.

What do you mean by “flipped his number ID in SB back to the active registration”? I don’t see anything visible different from before? Still two records with two different IDs.


I contacted the main office and they are looking into resolving this and doing a refund back to the parent.
Thanks for all your help scouts.

I made sure the number in Scoutbook matched his active registration.