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Scout Removed from Pack by accident

I’ve seen similar posts to this, but never any real resolution. I am new to Scoutbook and when I was reassigning scouts into their dens, I placed a female scout in a male den. When I went to reassign her into the female den, somehow she ended up no longer being listed in our pack. I’m not sure if I end-dated her current membership and that did it, or what happened. Point being she is gone, and does not show up in “My connections” either. I’ve read where it can take 24 hours between a scout being added to the Member Manager before they show up in Scoutbook, but what about for a situation like this? Will Scoutbook resync her back into the pack? She is listed in our Member Manager still. Any help on what to do would be appreciated.

Hi, @KyleWallace,

If nobody in the pack at the Admin level still shows a connection to her, then her parents should be able to correct her unit membership by looking under My Dashboard -> My Family -> <Name’s> Membership, and removing the end date under the recent pack membership.

Here’s a snapshot from an analogous area of my son’s account:

ETA: The membership will appear under “Past Memberships” for your temporarily misplaced scout. It may return the scout to the “wrong den”. Rather than ending the membership in that den and creating a new membership, use the “Reassign Dens” button to move a scout to a different den.

We haven’t added parents yet, we are completely new as a pack to Scoutbook. I was in the process of adding scouts to dens and den leaders to dens. To the best of my knowledge she doesn’t appear in any connections, however she is still listed on our roster at my.scouting.org in the Member Manager. I just need someone to pull her back into my Scoutbook.


If she is no longer connected to any admin, you need to send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with her name, BSA member ID, unit and council and ask that she be reconnected to you and the other unit admins. After you are connected, you will be able to place her back into your pack and in the proper den.

@KyleWallace - I would be willing to run a screen share to get another set of eyes on the issue if you would like prior to sending an email off to support. You can email me at shornak@bloomberg.net and we can take a look.

I sent an email on Friday “Your BSA Member Care Incident number is SSD-76710”. Says may take 2 business days. With the holiday weekend I’ll give it a few more days. Just wanted to consult on here to see if there was anything else I could do. Thanks.

Ok so it’s been a while now and I’ve had no response from the scoutbook support. Can anyone elevate this or help remedy the situation?

if you have all the Scout info - you could use the Transfer tool under Roster to get the Scout back

You should be able to get all of her info. from the Member Manager (except maybe DOB).

Donovan and Jennifer thank you! I’m glad I know that trick now, I’m sure it will happen again in the future. Its so silly that they completely disappear from your roster without any warning or anything. Again, thanks!

they don’t typically disappear like that at all - but glad you got them back

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