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Scout repeated dropped from troop in Scoutbook

I have a scout who has recently joined a second troop, though it was processed as a transfer instead of a multiple membership. After calling our Council, that should have been taken care of.

Now, each day for the past four days, he is dropped from his original (default) troop, and only has the secondary troop and his ship listed. The optional notes say “DateEnded by SP ExpireInvalidYouthUPsCreatedinSB after 120 Day Lapse” - every time I change it, I have to change his leadership positions as well. Since I have already called our Council and it is “taken care of”, what else can I do, besides daily changing this scout’s membership to make it accurate?

What is the Scouts BSA #?

His BSA ID is 135403554.

That Scout is only registered in T188 and Ship 3304

T373 ended in both March and April??? The parent (if their MYST is setup right) could go to my.scouting.org and multiple register the Scout, or Council needs to fix it.

I am advancement chair for 373, as well as his parent; I have full permission to change his membership for troop 373, but it doesn’t “stick” - I actually just changed it again before originally posting; so from my end, he’s part of 373 again, at least for today.

Scoutbook is not official - here is a link to tell you what to do - or I can set up a quick screenshare to help you
'Transferring from another unit in the Same Council | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Yes, I was just trying that when you posted. Apparently, I only have access to myself and one of his sisters through my.scouting.org. I guess I call Council again tomorrow?

in theory he could do it with his login to my.scouting - I just noticed Scouts had access to it loggin in as my Scout

We tried his my.scouting account - the error message we got was:

{message=Failed to Transfer Lucas Blake member ID: 135403554. Person has no valid parent/guardian relationship in our records. Please contact your local council registrar to update person’s information., memberId=135403554}

yeah - you used to be able to make parent connections there - no idea how they do it now

Call or email your council registrar and ask them to add you as a parent relationship to your son. Provide both bsa member numbers. After they say it’s done wait a day and try again.

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