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Scout returning to the Pack

Last night at Pack Night, we had a former member express interest in returning. He was dropped from our Charter awhile ago (former Tiger returning as Bear). How do we go about registering him and making sure that a “new” Scout isn’t created? We do not know his original BSA MemberID. Can he use the online registration, or does it need to be papercopy?


If he was in Scoutbook before you can look (or a leader back then) at My Account > My Connections > to see if you see the scout there to get the BSA number. What councils are supposed to do is enter Full name and DOB and look for existing scouts before they make a new one. I would use paper in this instance.

Our unit did not use Scoutbook at that time. I’ll recommend a paper application and see what happens.

Make a note or a post it and say he is a former scout

Do y’all by any chance have a copy of your recharter paperwork from when he was in the pack? That should have his BSA ID on it. If you put that on the application, you’re more likely to end up with the “reactivation” of his existing account than the creation of a new one. It’s far from perfect, but it might make things a bit easier.

We also had two former Cub Scouts return this year. I was able to reactive them with their prior records intact by emailing our Council’s registrar with their names and BSA ID’s (which I pulled from old recharter records). Both Scouts now show in Scoutbook as “Scouts not in a den”, with only their first name and last initial. When I click on them, I get a popup box saying that I do not have a connection to the Scout, and that should contact the parent or leaders. I am the Committee Chair and have full control over all other Scouts in our unit. Do you know how I can fix this? Thanks!

@JonelleRadford - you can try going to your pack roster, then you then your positions the click on pack admin and click update… lets see if I beat Charley to posting

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Go to My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster, and click on your name. Go into your positions and reapprove/accept the Committee Chair and Unit Admin positions. This should reset all of your connections to the scouts.

I’d say it was a dead heat. :slight_smile:

And…your suggestion worked! Thank you!

Looks like we just had three different threads asking the same question within the last 10 minutes.

@SUAC, can we add this process to the wiki? I didn’t see any obviously related topic there when I looked just now.

@CharleyHamilton I’m not sure how my post about how to properly re-register a Scout has anything to do with refreshing permissions… My question wasn’t even about Scoutbook.

Article is here:

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Sorry, @MichaelTrotochaud. @JonelleRadford asked a semi-related question below yours, and my link grabbed the top of the thread rather than her post. I’ve corrected it above.

@CharleyHamilton No problem. I just wasn’t sure how that was connected.

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I had a situation where we had a scout return. I didn’t know the BSA #, but I called the council office and they were able to look it up given the birthday, name, & address of the child. Once I had the #, I was able to look him up in scoutbook & get him back into the pack with all of his previous advancements intact.

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