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Scout skipped a grade

I have a 13 year old scout who was promoted to 9th grade and is aiming for Eagle. Can he earn his Eagle if he graduates before it is completed? Also, the same scout could use a little help setting up what he wants to achieve, when he wants to do certain requirements, and what dates he wants to earn his 2nd Class, 1st Class, etc. BSA use to have a First Class tracking sheet that told the scout what he could do with the troop, on his own, or on an outing. Does anything like this still exist? Yes, I do plan on sitting down with him during the meeting to write out a plan and some goals. Thank you in advance for all your help.

Eagle is only limited by age

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I’m not aware of a “planning sheet” per se. I usually tell the scouts that, like everything else, having a plan for rank advancement is generally useful. I usually suggest that they look at “grouping” advancement requirements by type (camping, cooking, first aid, aquatics, etc) so they can see where requirements overlap and where they differ. I have found that this helps them better understand how many times they have to do things like plan and cook a meal (various ranks, Cooking MB, Camping MB,…).

Thank you Charley. I might make a copy of his Scoutbook advancement sheet and have do what you suggested. Smaller bites are easier then one big bite.
Hopefully this will ease his mind.

My son started with a cut-and-paste collage of the requirements (copied from his handbook, the merit badge pamphlets…), figured it was too much work and decided he would just write down the “related” requirement numbers and their associated rank/merit badge instead. Whatever gets them thinking… :wink:

Scout-to-First-Poster.pdf (72.3 KB)

This is a 2’X3’ poster I give to all new Scouts and every Webelos that visits. You can take it to any print shop and get it printed for about $2

Grade does not matter in Scouts BSA - his 18th birthday is what matters.
All requirements must be completed prior to his 18th birthday (except for the Eagle Scout board of review).

Things to watch out for:

  • Tenderfoot fitness tracking - 30 days
  • Second Class fitness tracking (cannot begin until TF fitness completed) - 4 weeks
  • First Class fitness tracking (cannot begin until SC fitness completed) - 4 weeks
  • Troop/patrol activities requirements (Second Class and First Class #1a)
  • Active tenure requirements and positions of responsibility for Star (4 months), Life (6 months), and Eagle (6 months) ranks.
  • Family Life (90 days), Personal Fitness (12 weeks), and Personal Management (13 weeks) merit badges due to the tracking requirements.

I have sat on many eagle boards of review for college freshmen who are just about to turn 18

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