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Scout Sunday 2021

Does national have any plans to postpone Scout Sunday until later this year due to the pandemic?

My son will not attend this event regardless, but I’m wondering if he will have to step down as chaplain’s aide. I hope not, as he has continued to perform his duties during virtual troop meetings, and being chaplain’s aide means a lot to him.

I doubt they will postpone

I have to admit, I’m not sure why your scout would need to step down as Chaplain’s Aide if Scout Sunday is held on its currently scheduled date. Can you clarify what gives rise to that concern?

I’m sorry to hear that. We have record high cases here in GA. A good friend of ours has died from covid, and so has the husband of one of our children’s teachers.

He absolutely loves being chaplain’s aide, so I’m sad for him to have to make that choice.

Please see my response below. Record high cases in our area. We are absolutely not attending any f2f church services. We’ve only attended our own church online since March.

Well this sounds more like a discussion to have with Unit leader - I as Scoutmaster would have no issue with my CA not attending under these circumstances.


Our charter organization is holding simultaneous virtual services, in addition to in-person services. We plan on attending virtually. Additionally, Scout Sunday can be any day your charter organization and your unit agree upon. You just postpone until everyone is more comfortable.

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Yeah, I’m with what @DonovanMcNeil said. I still don’t see why not attending an in-person event (which I wouldn’t do here in SoCal either) should require your scout to step down as Chaplain’s Aide.

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And I can say it is not set in stone - I went to church with an active National Commish - the church pushed the date to a different day and no one blinked.

That’s good to know. Thank you

A few more thoughts…

  • As the Scout Sunday page says, “It also is permissible for a local church to celebrate on the Sunday most acceptable to the pastor and congregation.” I would definitely think this year is one where considering an alternate date or approach might be wise.
  • Like any other leadership position, I don’t see why fulfilling the role virtually, if that’s an option, would be any different or less worthy than fulfilling it in-person.
  • A scout is Reverent. That applies 365 days of the year, not just on Scout Sunday.

Scouting is about not giving up. Chaplains aide, eh? How about the scouts putting together a video message for Scout Sunday?
Get outside, do a flag ceremony, read some scripture (the Minister or a committee member chaplain my help pick the text), the SPL can give a short report on how the year went, and what they look forward to in the coming year.
I believe that would be a great encouragement to the congregation.


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