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Scout to tag along

I have a Scout that is unable to attend Summer Camp with our Troop. We’re going to Camp Laramie Peak July 11 to 17.
Is there any Troops going to week 1 or 2 at Laramie Peak that would be willing to take my Scout with them? He’s a Life Scout and is finishing his Eagle Required items.

Thank you

@ChadHightower - you have happened upon a National forum… perhaps someone may be able to assist. Normally summer camps will assign scouts as provisional if they are attending without their respective unit.

Now for my other pet peeve “is there any Troops” … lets think about that one :slight_smile:

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Provisional camping is a great option if the camp offers this.

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As @Stephen_Hornak noted, many summer camps permit scouts to attend as “provisional”, who are then assembled into a unit. I would recommend reaching out to the camp directly to see if they permit provisional attendees.

If not, you might reach out to your unit commish, assuming you’re in-council for the camp, to see if they can ping other units in your area who might be going (and willing to take on an extra scout).

Chad, you might check with Jennifer Ball at the LPC office. She is the council Black Pug person. She may be able to put you in contact with troops attending in weeks one and two.

Her contact info is on the LPC website.