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Scout transferred out of council

My stepson transferred to a council in a different state/council in August 2016. We kept him on our troop Scoutbook account. His new units (2 transfers) have allowed him to keep scouting, but the council has no record of him being registered since the 12/31/17 (LDS Unit). They also show no record of advancement or merit badges. We are still calling around, but my question is how do change his BSA ID #? Do I need to start another profile for the other number, and then figure out how to merge them? TIA

new council has to merge it all to his new council BSA #.

I wish that would have been the case, but just found out the district office is open from 3-5 pm each day, and no more. And they somebody didn’t do the LDS unit charter for 2018 or 2019. It says he hasn’t been a scout since the Dec. 31, 2017 date. And once he was off our charter, he only resides in our Troop profile and my parent/scoutmaster profile. He has been to several MB clinics, camps, and everything since the beginning of 2018, but there seems to be no record. Could this be due to the LDS units not having to recharter?

I don’t know enough about how councils manage LDS units, but I would presume he would have had to fill out a new youth application when he switched councils. The new Council should have a copy of the application. Have you tried contacting the council instead of the district?

So he did fill out a new application. He was registered for a year and a half. LDS charters end on Dec 31 instead of Jan 31. So when that last charter ended, it was the year that LDS units were told they didn’t need to recharter, it would be done for them. The problem is that didn’t happen. He is coming back to our Traditional unit this summer and beyond, but with them not doing the proper recharter, all his records are gone. Talking with his mom and from what I understand of the Ward/District records do not seem to be a priority. Very frustrating to have to explain to a nearly 15 yo scout who has been in since Tigers that because adults can’t do their PAID jobs, the last 3 years of you scouting may be a total loss. I could go more in depth about the whole thing, but I am sure it would not be very scoutlike

I suggest talking to your district or council advancement chair to see if anything can be done to fix the problem.

With LDS this is not an uncommon situation unfortunately - BSA staff know how to (and have) dealt with it.

I will try, but it isn’t our council that messed it up, it is the council down there. My guess, judging by the lack of urgency to replace District Executives, that the Council is prepping to shutter it’s doors come this December. 90% of the Council is LDS

Does he have records of what he completed? If so, use that to recreate his advancement records. Do what’s right by him. Don’t let an adult’s mistake cause him to suffer.

We have some, but from what I understand, the unit never returned Blue Cards after MB Clinics or camps, so we are working on that. I am really concerned that this may be the case with more scouts after that change in policy

When I had a scout transfer in from another council they assigned him a new number. None of his advancement records transferred. I can NOT access his records in Scoutbook. But… his council was kind enough to email me his complete scouting record from ScoutNet. Then I put all the data into his new record.

I would start with a call to the previous council and ask for his scout record.

Some Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints / Boy Scouts of America history and 2020 transition which may be related to this topic.

2015: Scouting Handbook for the Church Units in the United States updated in March 2015, section 8.2, contained details on how to transfer a youth.

2017: Per the Denver Council web site: From the 2017 BSA Membership Validation Procedures, it states: “Youth transferring between units chartered by the LDS Church may be registered from lists signed by the unit leader and an ecclesiastical official; however, applications are required for youth joining for the first time.” (WCW note: A new application is also required for youth and adults transferring to a new council.)

2018: BSA Online Rechartering and Updating Rosters for LDS Units , approved December 2017, PDF

2018: LDS Varsity teams and Venturing crews were disestablished effective 1 January 2018. See church news and Q and A news release of 17 May 2017 but continued their packs and troops. This affected the LDS Teachers Quorum and Priest Quorum. (Young men 14-18 years old desiring to continue on the path to Eagle Scout and adult leaders supporting their advancement were encouraged to transfer to a troop.)

As announced 8 May 2018 in a joint statement with BSA, effective on December 31, 2019, the Church will conclude its relationship as a chartered organization with all Scouting programs around the world. Until then, the intention of the Church is to remain a fully engaged partner in Scouting for boys and young men ages 8–13, those 14 and older working on rank advancement, and adult leaders associated with those youth. FAQ

2019: Per my council: The Church and BSA agreed to make rechartering for LDS Ward sponsored Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops partially automatic for 2019. Meaning, that all charters, Pack & Troop rosters, rolled over from December 31, 2018 to January 1, 2019 without the use of the online recharter system. Q: How can changes be made to my ward’s Scouting rosters? A: As the recharter system will not be used, no changes to rosters will be made unless the COR or Committee Chair makes those changes using the online applications, paper applications, or submit lists of roster changes to your BSA district executive.

2020 Transition LDS web page with letter to LDS Scouting families.

LDS - BSA Relationships committee web site:

This is normal. Each council has its own set of BSA ID numbers. When a Scout or Scouter transfers from one council to another, they usually get a new number. Scouts / Scouters can also be registered in more than one council at the same time. When they are, they get a number from each council.

Were you able to contact his previous unit? I had a scout come in from another council, whose prior unit actively used Scoutbook. I emailed back and forth with the prior unit’s SM, who eventually added me as a leader connection with full control. He ended the scout’s membership in the prior unit, and I added one in my unit. I flushed any residual leader connections from the prior unit, and we were good to go. He “advanced” as per normal, although we couldn’t approve anything since he wasn’t synched.

When council added the new scout to our unit records via the transfer application (which had his prior council’s BSA ID courtesy of the Scoutbook swap), I contacted, and asked that the two records be merged, retaining the “new” BSA ID as the current ID. All of his prior records came through, including Cub Scout advancement, logs, etc.

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I’ve had some similar issues with transfers from another council and not having all the records. The scouts have merit badges on their sash - but no blue card was issued - and the record of doing those merit badges didn’t transfer from the former council. I am working out a time to sit down with the scouts (brothers) and parent (who was a committee chair) and talk about what merit badges they earned and learn enough to be assured they actually did the merit badges - then we will issue blue cards, get signatures from MB counselors, and turn them in. Gonna take some time but worth it - because there are several MB at stake. I’ve decided under “A scout is… trustworthy…” that they really didn’t just go buy some patches for their sash and not do the work…especally if they can talk about what they did and where (camp, MB university, etc). Good luck.


I would first contact their former council and request a copy of their person records. Also, send an e-mail to with the Scout’s names, old and new BSA#s, old and new councils and old and new units. Ask them to merge the accounts and tell them which BSA#, unit and council need to survive after they are merged. Any data that was entered into ScoutNET under the old BSA# will be transferred to the Scoutbook record under the new BSA# and sent to ScoutNET under the new BSA#.