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Scout wants to rejoin

I have a Scout who dropped this last year due to Covid but now wants to join again.

Do they have to submit a new application or is there a way to “reactivate” the membership? Does this need to be done by the council to avoid a new BSA is being issued? I have all of the Scouts contact info including their BSA id, birthdate, etc.

This is not a Scoutbook question but rather a registration question.


Call your local council. They can best advise you.


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If possible provide the registrar with the Scout’s previous BSA Member ID so the registrar does not generate a new one.

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I just had a cub do this and since we take online application his mom was able to re register him online. When one opens the online application it asks if the person is new or has been a scout before. When you check “has been a scout before” you can search for them by name and BSA ID number. She was able to find his old info and sign him up. After I approved the application he was on the my.scouting roster and all his past rank and award stuff showed up with him in Scoutbook too. Very helpful.


The answer would be they’d be joining again, joining fee and all. Your council could be helping with re-engaging those individuals and recruiting though. My council is offering to cover national/council fees, provide 25% off cub scout camp, and a free fishing pole for those that join through the end of May as an example. That’s a council thing though, not a national thing.

Joining fee should be waived if the new scout was a registered scout in the last five years.

For us, we have used online registration for four new-to-us cubs to join our pack after their pack did not recharter for 2021. No joining fee and all their records came with them.

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Thank you for sharing this! We just ended up using paper since we didn’t know this was an option.

ScoutingWire: BSA Membership Fee Increase Details and FAQ – Updated 6/1/2020
Starting August 1, 2020, there will also be a one-time $25 joining fee for new program participants in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts; however, there is no joining fee for Exploring participants, participants previously registered in any BSA program, those transferring from one program to another, council-paid memberships, or adult volunteers. (emphasis added)


2020 BSA National Membership Fees infographic
No joining fee for adult volunteers, Exploring participants, participants previously registered in any BSA program, or those transferring from one program to another. (emphasis added)


An excerpt from our Scout Executive’s email back on June 1st:

New Member Fee of $25 for all youth enrolling in traditional Scouting programs for the first time (Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA and Venturing, not Exploring).

I have been told that if a youth doesn’t recharter and then rejoins, the New Member fee doesn’t apply.

@brantgurga - I ahd a COVID ghost rejoin my pack. He registered online, and there was no joining fee. The system asked whether he was a Scout before. He, well his mom, answered yes and provided the BSA ID number.

@JenniferOlinger - I’ve never read those sattements as strategically as just now. So, a 15-year-old who has never been a Scout can and wants to join a troop can first register with an Explorer post and then join a troop, defeating the joining fee. Interesting.

I’m not sure you can multiple from Exploring. Exploring is under Learning for Life which is a different corporation. There is some operational overlap in that exploring units have commissioners and can be seen in my.scouting. I think the system considers it a non-traditional program while Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturing are all considered “Traditional” I suspect you can only multiple between the “Traditional” programs.

I agree as Exploring has a separate application that’s different from all other youth applications.

@brantgurga @ChristopherSchuster - Perhaps…

It does say:

It does not say “previously registered in any traditional BSA program.”

My interest is primarily in the mechanics of deafeating the $25 joining fee. I don’t know if it would be worth the trouble to actually do this, unles a young person was actually interested in joining both a traditional unit and a post. In that case, the Exploring registration should be done first to see what happens.

If you have their former BSA ID, include that on the application. Also, send them an invitation to join the unit from within my.scouting.org using “invitation manager”. This should be the fastest way to get them in the system without asking your Council Registrar to do anything. Including their BSA ID is key to avoiding the “new” scout fee and getting them matched up with their prior advancement records.

I just learned that they can, as part of reapplying, look up their Scout’s id. This is huge.

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Matt, which tool or screen is that on?

That’s step 1 of the online application process for a youth application. That recover member ID tool was a bit hidden. I took a screenshot of what’s under it and circled the relevant things.

That Click Here is what opens the Recover Member ID screen Matt showed.