Scout with the same name as another on two pack rosters

I have a Cub Scout #14299661 who is active in our Pack and just promoted up to Wolf. In Scoutbook he is listed in our unit near Atlanta and another unit near Kansas City. He joined Scouts as a Tiger, but he has on his record awards as a Lion from Kansas City.

I’m almost positive that another Scout has the same name and date of birth in the other city, was active as a Lion then dropped out. Our Scout started at about the same time as a Tiger and the system can’t seem to separate the two. Our Scout has been linked like this to the other Scout since the first day he registered last fall.

This is a problem now because Scoutbook won’t recognize him as a Wolf because the other unit still has our Scout as a Tiger. We have assigned him to a Wolf den on our end. The other Scout is not active (as far as I know.)

How can I tell Scoutbook to separate these two children’s records and that they are not the same person? I have asked around our district and no one seems to know what to do.


Will take a look @JeffDavis1

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This has to be sent to DEVs to deal with

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