Scoutbook about me/bio update

Hello when viewing my account in SB there is a about me/bio that shows next to my photo. I set this some years ago Im pretty sure through SB but I can find no option to edit now in SB. Am I missing something? How do I edit this?


This used to be updated on the profile page in scoutbook, which has gone away in favor of the internet advancement profile page. I’m checking what the plans are and if updating IA changes both.

@jacobfetzer - i have found nothing that can get to the bio section. That is a legacy item from the original developer

That’s why I’m checking on the plans for it

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@jacobfetzer - ah… gotcha as i think i misread your post. I recall that being part of the plans back then for the social media aspect of scoutbook prior to the acquisition.

Yes, and I think the only place you could see it for someone else was the old forums. The fact that there’s a new bio section in IA makes me wonder.

It is a good point in the OLD Forums you clicked a photo and bio popped up - no way to do that in discourse I do not believe

So if I am reading this correctly this was a feature once editable in SB but then SB was acquired/ integrated by another platform, sounding like IA and now not editable? When did this change happen? Looking at my bio it had to have been within the las year or two?

@JasonMeis - the profile dara move was recent. The primary issue is i think you are the only person that can see the bio information fior yourself. I would actually like to see it gone as it is a legacy thing when the original developer wanted to integrate facebook like features

@Stephen_Hornak I noticed this while searching MB counselors. When you click on the persons photo it brings up their bio if entered and also the persons unit and position. In my case I am the Scoutmaster of Troop 102 currently and its showing Pack 3180 as my unit and Webelos Den Leader which was the case several years ago. I am registered as a multiple Scoutmaster T102 and Committee Chair/COR of Pack 3180. I have T102 setup as my primary in IA, but this is the info I still show in SB when someone looks me up.

@JasonMeis - and so it does… but still does not impact functionality. Old code portion of Scoutbook

I originally setup Scoutbook for my son with my email and then a second account was setup for him with duplicate names. We only need one account for him using Hunter W. McDonnell / email SB User ID: 5043297 / BSA Member ID: 128234103. The other account has my email SB User ID: 11454941 / BSA Member ID: 13608776. Or user id 11454941 is my parent account, can you change to my name Noel Orsak and not my son’s?

Why does it default to mobile when you login from a computer???

There is only one Scoutbook site. All of the pages are below

scoutbook. scouting. org /mobile


If the old about/bio sections on Scoutbook profiles are going away (which I am fine with), can the fields be removed from the profile pages, or stored data for those fields deleted?

I assume a “pull” from the bio field in IA is forthcoming, as well.

I know look 'n feel are secondary to functionality improvements, but deleting all those fields may free up some server space on y’all’s end.

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