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Scoutbook access - Pack and to the Troop

Both my boys have crossed over into to the troop. I was their cubmaster in the pack and now I am involved with the Troop. They have assigned me as one of the advancement chairs.

Problem: My user name and password only gives me access to the Pack Scout book.

How do I get my account changed over to the troop.

One of the adult leaders showed me via screen capture that I am in the Troop as a Committee Member and Advancement Chair.

So how do I get in?

Your help is much appreciated.

@PatrickPloenzke Did the screen capture show you a picture that looks something like this with your name next to Unit Advancement Chair (area I circled in red)?:

This is the page that was sent to me.

When you go to:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Positions

what do you see listed there?

I see my units and both the Pack and the Troop.

How about that?

And I am in. Thank SO MUCH!!!

I have access to one of my boys but not the other.


It sounds like you need a Pack Admin / Troop Admin to reset your parent connection to him.

They can do this by going to the unit roster page in Scoutbook, click on the Scout’s name, click on your name.then Update. Might be a good idea to do it for both of your Scouts.

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